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Enhance national technological competitivenessthrough transparent and professional planning/evaluation management of industrial technology.

Become an innovative industrial technology R&D partner leading future value and national happiness

  • Future value and national happiness

    • Contribute to securing technological competitiveness and food production by expanding business areas based on R&D that can respond to future new markets
    • Promote business focusing on national happiness by expanding services targeted at people
  • Leading

    Lead in all areas of R&D through transparent and professional R&D planning/evaluation/management and improved achievements
  • Innovative industrial
    technology R&D partner

    Play a role in promoting the innovative growth of industrial technology for companies and people
Core values
  • Knowledge

    Plentiful expertise to provide high-quality services
  • Innovation

    Core value of accepting new things and change
  • Human-oriented

    People are our top priority
  • Credibility

    Fulfill social responsibilities and legal duties and secure the reliability of external customers through transparent work handling
  • 50 Technology commercialization success rate of 50% or more by 2025
  • 100 A leading company in over 100 material, component and equipment fields by 2025
  • 7.600 Creation of R&D jobs, 7,600 people or more by 2025
  • NO.1 Maintain the highest customer satisfaction
  • Substantialize and advance planning/evaluation/ performance management

    Advancement of core business

  • Strengthen capacity to respond to environmental change for the future growth of the nation and people

    Enhancement of capacity to respond to future growth

  • Create clear social value performance

    Creation of social value people can actually feel

  • Adapt flexibly to the environment and construct a win-win organization

    Business management of innovation and inclusion

    • Enhancement of planning capabilities for creating new industries
    • Reformation of R&D evaluation and management system for the improvement of research immersion
    • Enhancement of performance management to promote commercialization

    Nine execution challenges, including investment plan for industrial technology R&D focusing on new industry

    • Improvement of economic vitality for future-oriented R&D
    • Enhancement of preemptive response to the Korean New Deal
    • Enhancement of demander-centered R&D information service

    Nine execution challenges, including promotion of self-reliance for global power of materials, parts and equipment

    • Expansion of R&D into social value that people can actually feel
    • Enhancement of public institutions’ fulfilment of social responsibility
    • Transparent business operation and enhancement of communication with people

    Nine execution challenges, including improved R&D to preemptively respond to social pandemics

    • Improvement of organizational vitality through construction of innovative management system
    • Construction of job-centered HR operation system
    • Realization of organizational culture of coexistence and cooperation

    Nine execution challenges, including the promotion of HR innovation for the improvement of performance

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