Keit 한국산업기술평가관리원
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KEIT takes responsibility for R&D in industrial technology!
Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT) is a governmental organization responsible for planning, evaluation and
management of R&D in the country’s industrial technology and supports the following projects in order to be
responsible for the national R&D and find out new growth engine for the future.

Major Tasks

1. Planning R&D Tasks

  • Planning R&D tasks through the experts(PD/Program Director) in each sector
  • Investigating demand, levels and prospect of industrial technology for task planning
  • Planning R&D tasks as the government policies and strategies
  • Examining technical and economic feasibility of technical development tasks

2. Evaluating R&D Tasks

  • Select an executing organization and contract with the organization
  • Projects cost funding
  • Review the projects and evaluate the final result

3. Managing R&D Tasks

  • Performance examination and analysis evaluation
  • Operate the 'Industrial Technology Award of this Month'
  • Hold a 'Good Performance Exhibition'
  • Royalty collection and management
R&D Projects
Business Projects Key Details
Development of Core
Industrial Technology
  • Promote competitiveness among core industries, foster future new industries
Development of Material
Component Technology
  • Promote technological innovation and competitiveness in material, component and other fields
Development of Specialized
Global Technology
  • Foster small and medium companies into global specialized companies
Future Growth Engine
  • Concentrate support in future industrial technology
  • Develop new technology to preoccupy future market and replace imports

Other Tasks

1. Fostering experts through industrial technology R&D training courses

2. Operating Real time Cash Management System(RCMS)

3. Supporting balanced local development

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