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The Premium era ofKorean Technology with KEIT

Korea Evaluation Institute of INDUSTRIAL Technology Chairman and President of KEIT,  Si Heon Seong
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The global market has been focusing on Korea's industrial technology. Various industries such as the semiconductor technology and IT, automobile and shipbuilding are showing world's best technological capabilities and has also grown into 'Korea, leading the way for technology'.

Through active and sustained R&D investment in industrial technology by the Government, our technology have been given recognition by the global market. In fact, our R&D investment comes at an increasing annual rate of 12% and in 2013 standards, this stands at 6th in terms of the size of the R&D investment and ranks at number 1 in terms of GDP ratio.

We, KEIT, are the specialized institution for planning, assessing and management of R&D in national industrial technology. We will do our best to actively support easier participation for researchers in R&D projects to perform creative and challenging researches so that it can be spread out to the lives of the public in general. In addition, we will be supporting the mutual technological cooperation between large companies and SMEs for corporate partnership.

Currently, the Korean economy is facing new challenges in areas such as low growth and intense pursuit from the emerging countries. Through creative innovation, we will create new growth engine by working towards partnership between businesses, and do our best to increase economic value added to establish growth paradigm that will lead to growth and employment.

We ask for your continued interest and words of encouragement so that we, KEIT, can lead Korean economy and to stand as the global leader of R&D support in pioneering the world's best industrial technology.

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Chairman and President of KEIT, Si Heon Seong 성시헌
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