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    Korea has been accumulating world-leading technologies in the secondary battery, display and OLED fields through industrial technology research and development.

    However, the nation’s competitiveness in automobiles and shipbuilding is gradually declining, and the technological gap with latecomers continues to narrow.

    In addition, the nation lacks the preparation to acquire the future technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

    KEIT is an organization dedicated to supporting R&D for industrial technology, and it is currently reinforcing the nation’s industrial technological competitiveness and facilitating technological innovation to overcome the present conditions.

    In order to achieve its core role, KEIT will transcend simply being the manager of R&D, and become an open organization which will act as “Consultant” or “Facilitator,” helping researchers overcome difficulties.

    Furthermore, KEIT will continue to support innovative R&D with a creative and challenging spirit. It will no longer act as a pursuer in the 4th Industrial Revolution, but will lead the era as a leader.

    KEIT will continue to perform its social responsibilities. KEIT will also establish a sound industrial ecology where small, medium and large enterprises will all garner mutual growth. And finally, KEIT will create jobs through R&D while supporting everyone to be able to lead innovation.

    Join our quest towards a future industrial technological R&D. And we humbly ask for your attention and support.

    Thank you

  • Korea Evaluation Institute of INDUSTRIAL Technology Chairman and President of KEIT,  Chung Yang Ho

    Chairman and President of KEIT,
             Chung Yangho
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